Allegheny Mountain School (AMS) is a not-for-profit experiential fellowship program designed to serve communities in developing a more secure food system.

Our intention at AMS is to assemble a cohort of highly curious, hardworking individuals, with complementary skills and experiences, in order to create a cohesive and cooperative team for living, working and studying.  Our goal is to build skills to help communities create a vibrant and accessible local food economy.


A healthy, sustainable food system.
Vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains growing where people live.
Nutritious, fresh food available to all.


AMS Fellows learn sustainable food cultivation and restorative, nourishing traditions.
AMS Fellows touch the lives of at least ten families by working within communities teaching gardening and nutrition.
AMS Fellows become lifelong ambassadors for a local food culture and earth stewardship


Allegheny Mountain School (AMS) is a two phase fellowship program of The Highland Center, a 501 (3) c non-profit organization in Monterey, Virginia.

In Phase I (April-November), AMS Fellows study sustainable food production, whole foods management and preparation, wellness and nutrition, land stewardship, and community development to become ambassadors for a healthier food culture.

In Phase II (January 1 through December 31), AMS Senior Fellows work in the service of Partner Organizations focused on activities such as: building community gardens, developing school gardens and site based curriculum, advocating sustainable land use, teaching nutrition and cooking for a healthy lifestyle. The cohort meets regularly for Leadership Development, as they join and are supported by the entire AMS Fellowship network.



Find out about the events, workshops, farming and life as an AMS Fellow.

Allegheny Mountain School (AMS) is a project of The Highland Center, located in Monterey, Virginia. It’s mission is to serve all citizens of Highland County by being a catalyst for cultural and economic development, and to preserve a historic landmark as a symbol of unity and community pride. [Read More]

Story.Dawn1 Read about this season’s workshops and instructors.


Allegheny Mountain School PartnersPhase II of the AMS Fellowship is spent working for a non-profit for one year.

In 2014, AMS Senior Fellows will be working for these organizations in our region focused on local food, conservation and strengthening communities.

City Schoolyard Garden
Project Grows
New Community Project
Valley Conservation Council
Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind

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